How To Register for the 2nd ISP Virtual MUN

Registration will be conducted this year by school MUN Advisors, not by the students. The MUN Advisor from each ISP school should register their students for the ISP Virtual MUN by the 7th of October.

Students can apply to participate in the ISP Virtual MUN as EITHER a delegate OR a dais member.


  • Up to 10 students per school
  • ISP students aged 13 – 18 years
  • Students with a high level of English (all training sessions and the debates will be conducted in English)
  • No participation fees

After the deadline date, there may be spare places available. It is recommended that MUN Advisors keep a waiting list of any other interested students.


Delegates are participants at the conference. Before the conference delegates are given a country assignment of a member state of the United Nations. Throughout the conference the delegate represents the views of that particular country in committee debates.

Delegates are placed into committees, and each committee deals with a pressing topic that is affecting the future well-being of our world.

Delegates conduct research before the conference and formulate positions to debate with their fellow delegates in the committee.

Dais Members

The dais is the group of people leading the committee. At ISP, we believe that it is critically important for students to have access to high-quality leadership opportunities. Under the leadership of a trained and experienced IMUNA committee leader, dais members will have the opportunity to be involved in organising and running an MUN.

Unlike delegates, dais members do not represent a country or participate in debates. They’ll be busy helping to manage the speakers and the organisation of the committee.

Dais member responsibilities:

  • Ensure that the committee’s debate is both fun and educational
  • Administer the rules of procedure and manage the committee
  • Ensure the debate happens in a fair and orderly manner
  • Support individual delegates, particularly beginners who need help with their policy or speeches
  • Support their IMUNA committee director
  • Have the opportunity to hold the gavel and serve as the chair

Dais members will participate in weekly training sessions before the conference and keep in close communication with their IMUNA committee director. There will also likely be some research and writing assignments for staff members before the conference to improve their knowledge of the rules and the debate topic.

Applicants do not need to have served on a dais before, but it is encouraged that applicants have been a delegate at an MUN conference before. Please note that because a dais member’s role is very demanding, dais members are expected to attend all the training sessions.

Because of the limited number of spots available for delegates to be on the dais, we cannot guarantee that everyone who applies to be on the dais will be offered a role. Generally, we will try to restrict dais positions to one student per school.

Follow these steps in order to register:

1. CLICK HERE to navigate to the ISP Virtual MUN registration page. Complete all of the indicated fields. After you have entered all of the required information, click on the "Submit" button at the end. If your submission is successful, you will receive a confirmation message. If it is not successful, you will receive an alert showing any errors that need to be corrected prior to submitting. NOTE: Only the MUN advisor of each ISP school should register.

2. If any students wish to be considered to become a dais member, please enter their information on the form linked above at the time of registration. Later submissions may not be able to be considered.

3. All schools must complete these forms by 8 October:

  • Parental Permission Form
  • Media Permission Form
  • Student Code of Conduct Form

After You Register

Once you submit your registration, you will receive a confirmation email. During the week after the registration deadline closes on 7 October, we will share each school's country assignments with the advisor that registered. Each advisor will then assign one member of their delegation to each committee that they have been assigned. It is solely up to the advisor to determine which student should debate in each committee. These post-registration materials will also include the research materials for each committee and information about position papers and the delegate training sessions.