"It will teach you how to overcome your shyness, defend your posture against other people and to convince others of your beliefs."Ignacio, Internacional Aravaca (Spain)

To ensure proper safeguarding for our sessions, the Meeting ID and password for all training sessions have been shared with each of the teachers that registered for the 2nd ISP Virtual MUN. To join the training, please ask your teacher for that information.

Delegate, Dais and Faculty Training

We want every delegate at the ISP Virtual MUN to enter the conference feeling confident and prepared to represent their assigned country’s policies in committee. When students spend time worrying about how to write a speech or what the rules of procedure will be, that’s time that they aren’t spending learning and engaging with our exciting topics. Therefore, to ensure that every delegate feels prepared for the ISP Virtual MUN, we will be offering training sessions exclusively for ISP Virtual MUN delegates. There will also be separate training programs available to faculty advisors and dais members as well, although faculty are welcome to attend any of our other training sessions. Participants will be emailed before each session with a link to access the seminars.

Delegate and dais training sessions will take place at the time indicated below. All times are shown in UTC. To convert these times to your local time zone, please refer to online tools such as the one found at this link. Each of the training sessions listed below will take approximately one hour and will be conducted over Zoom. Faculty training sessions will be about 30 minutes long and will be conducted three times to accommodate teachers’ busy schedules. The sessions will be recorded, so if you are unable to participate at the scheduled time, you can still review all of the information. However, we do encourage participants to attend in person, if possible, as the sessions will be interactive, and they will leave time for questions.

Faculty Training Sessions

  • 4 October: The Role of Faculty in Model UN
  • 11 October: Preparing Students for a Model UN Conference
  • 15 November: Final Preparation for the Conference

Delegate Training Sessions

  • 19 October, 13:00 UTC: Writing a Position Paper
  • 26 October, 13:00 UTC: The Art of Speechcraft
  • 2 November, 13:00 UTC: Caucusing and Negotiation Skills
  • 9 November, 13:00 UTC: Resolution Writing
  • 16 November, 13:00 UTC: Arguing Against Others Respectfully
  • 23 November, 13:00 UTC: Final Reminders and Preparation

Dais Training Sessions

  • 19 October, 13:00 UTC: Writing a Position Paper (with delegates)
  • 26 October, 14:00 UTC: Introduction to Dais Leadership
  • 2 November, 14:00 UTC: Reviewing Position Papers
  • 9 November, 14:00 UTC: Technical and Procedural Dais Methods
  • 16 November, 14:00 UTC: Practice Debate Session 1
  • 23 November, 14:00 UTC: Practice Debate Session 2